Wednesday, November 14, 2012


EN: Hi, my name is Georgiana and I'm a shoe addict! It's true and I am not trying to deny it! Whenever I enter a store, shoes are the first thing that I notice. This is a "sickness" that I inherited from my mother and passed it to my daughter, as you can easily see in the pictures below:

So, I as was saying, I love shoes. That's why I decided to post some pictures of my new babies! Which one do you like?

                                                                                               Mini prix
                                                                                                 New Look


Ana said...

:))) I'm a jewelry addict so we're both addicts. This means we have something in common ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the boots!

stf27 said...

wow! toate perechile astea sunt noi? vreau si euuuuuuu ceva nou! blog-ul tau imi face pofta de shopping!